Important information

      General information

      • Terms of Service are avaible at zz.com.ve/en/terms-of-service/.
      • To enter control panel use your username, /your website's address/ or email and a password that was set when you created an account.
      • To use mailbox you need to create an email account in the control panel first.
      • For example, if you have an account "happy", a web site happy.zz.com.ve and you create an email account named “user”, your login to the mailbox and your email will look like this: "user@happy.zz.com.ve".

        You can send and receive emails using an external program like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or other. Login and password are the same as for mailbox in browser.

      • Mail server is mail.zz.com.ve.
      • FTP server is your website's address (e.g. happyuser.zz.com.ve)
      • If you already own a domain and you create a new hosting account for this domain, all needed information will be automatically added. The only thing left for you to do is enter our DNS servers in the control panel of the registrator of your domain:
        • ns1.zz.com.ve
        • ns2.zz.com.ve
      • You do not need to change information about the DNS servers in case you have registered your domain on our hosting — it will be configured automatically and added to the chosen account.

      • All rules for the accounts with our domains are valid for accounts with domains that were not registered on our hosting.
      • For example, your FTP login will look like this: "happy@happyuser.zz.com.ve", if you create FTP account named “happy” and you own a domain happyuser.zz.com.ve. The main domain (connected, for example, to the FTP logins) is always the first domain of the hosting account, the one that was chosen while creating the hosting account. In the email account names created for this hosting account the part after "@" may be picked among all the domains connected to this hosting account.

      • In case you have any troubles visit our forum to find help.

      Frequently asked questions

      • Do I have to pay something to use a Free hosting account?

        No, it is absolutely free of charge. But there will be a link to our hosting displayed on the top and on the bottom of your website. It is not allowed to change the link position or remove it. Attention: the Free hosting service package expiration period is 3 months. Before the expiration date you will receive a message and you will need to switch to the paid service package, otherwise your account will be blocked and removed after some time of inactivity. We encourage you to use mining on your websites - you can pay for our services using mined coins. This means that your website can earn funds for its maintenance. More information about this option here.

      • How many accounts may I create on ZZ.com.ve?

        You can create one hosting account (profile) per one email address.
        One profile in the control panel may include many hosting accounts. Each account is an independent website with independent domains, MySQL accounts, FTP accounts, mailbox and other.

      • If I buy PRO or VIP service package, will it be active for all my hosting accounts in the control panel?

        No. Each account is an independently functioning website. Service packages and upgrades you buy for each of them are active only on the account for which they were bought. This system has been created for those users who want to manage different kinds of sites from one control panel. They have a possibility to adjust hosting parameters for each site. Each hosting account may include many independent domains (sites), there is a separated catalog on FTP and individual FTP account for each of them.

      • Can I receive from you a VAT invoice and pro forma invoice? Can I receive an invoice for my company?

        Unfortunately, we do not provide VAT invoices, we can give you only an invoice without VAT included. You can get it both as a private person and for your company. When payment is done, your invoice will be available for downloading in the Payments section in the control panel. If you need a pro forma invoice, contact us: {supportMail}, and we will give you an invoice to pay in 7 or 14 days.

      • I can not log in to my hosting account/FTP account/database/email account, what should I do?

        If you forgot a password to your hosting account, try to reset your password. If you do not have an access to the email account to which you are suppose to receive a link to confirm resetting a password - contact us: {supportMail}.

        If you forgot a password to your FTP account, you can set a new password in the FTP Accounts section in the user panel.

        If you forgot a password to your database, you can set a new password in the Databases section in the user panel. But be aware that after this there will be an error connecting to database shown on your website. You need to change the password in the files of your website accordingly (or in your CMS).

        If you forgot a password to your email account, you can set a new one in the Email Accounts section in the user panel.

      • I would like to contact hosting administrators, how can I do that?

        You can contact hosting administrators in three different ways:

        • On forum, where few users are in direct contact with administrators and they will let them know if needed;
        • Via email: {supportMail}, you will get an answer from the customer support service;
        • You can create a new topic in the control panel (Support -> Create), you will also get an answer from the customer support service
        • On our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/zz.com.ve.

      • I have found an error on the hosting or I have problems with some functions, what should I do?

        Let us know using any method mentioned above.

      • I received an email from the ZZ.com.ve administration with the demand to provide my login and password to the control panel/database, what should I do?

        Administators of ZZ.com.ve never send emails to their users, especially with the demand to provide logins and passwords. This email is from cheater, who is trying to get your data to access your account.

      • How can I change or rename my domain?

        Your domain name is the exact string of characters you purchased. You cannot change it once you have registered it.

        If you want a different domain name:

        1. Purchase the new domain name you would like;
        2. (Optional) delete your old domain;
        3. You may be able to request a refund for your domain subject to the following conditions:
          • You have purchased your domain name in the last 5 days, and
          • You have not received 3 refunds in the last 12 months.
          • Premium domains and domains transferred in cannot be refunded.
      • I received an email from the ZZ.com.ve administration with the demand to provide the scan of my passport after I registered an .uk domain name (or another domain name), what should I do?

        Administators of ZZ.com.ve are obligged to check whether the personal data you provided is valid, and the easiest way to do it is to check your documents. This is a common practice at all hostings, so do not be afraid: scan your passport and send it to us via email: {supportMail}.

        If you ignore this demand, your domain will be blocked within the 30 days after the registration.

      • I have found a site that violates the hosting rules! / I have found a site that plagiates my own site!

        Let us know on the forum.

      • How to create a database? Where can I find data to access my MySQL database? How many database users may I create?

        You can create a database in the control panel in Databases section. Click "+ Add", set up login and password. The database name will be created automatically, it will be based on your site’s address (special symbols will be changed to "_"). For example, for the site happyuser.zz.com.ve database will have following parameters:

        • MySQL server: mysql.zz.com.ve
        • Server MySQL for external connections: your domain (e.g. happyuser.zz.com.ve). Attention: you can set up an external connections only if you have a Pro/VIP account.
        • Port: 3306 (phpBB By Przemo: 80)
        • Login, password: same as you set up when you created your database
        • Database name: created automatically, it is based on your site’s address

      • How to create FTP account? Where can I find data to access my FTP? What are the limits?

        When you create a hosting account the FTP account for it is created automatically. It is a common account, its name and login to it look like this: admin@pageaddress (e.g. admin@happyuser.zz.com.ve). The password to this account by default is the same as the password for your control panel.
        From this general profile FTP account you have an access to all catalogs of all domains from all hosting accounts you have in your profile. You can manage your FTP accounts in the control panel in FTP accounts section. There is a possibility to add and delete them, and you can change passwords there.
        You can access your FTP server using our filemanager or an external program, for example FileZilla.
        You can create FTP account with the access only to the chosen domain — in FTP accounts section in control panel you can click “+Add” and choose a domain you want to create this kind of account for. Login to this account will look like this: login@siteaddress.zz.com.ve.
        Data for accessing your FTP:

        • FTP server: your site’s address (e.g. happyuser.zz.com.ve)
        • Login: by default admin@sitesaddress (e.g. admin@happyuser.zz.com.ve)
        • Password: by default it is the same as for control panel (if you have not changed it)
        • Port: 21 or 210
        • Mode: passive

        The limit of simultaneous connections to one FTP account is three at once. In case you exceed this limit session will be blocked by server for a few seconds — you have to wait a bit and try again with the less number of connections (usually you can configure this in your FTP client’s configuration).
        Maximal size of the file you can upload to FTP is:

        • For FREE accounts: 10 MB
        • For PRO and VIP accounts: 1 GB
      • What kind of domains are avaible on ZZ.com.ve?

        Domains .com, .biz, .net, .org, .info, .de, .uk, .co.uk, .tv and .xyz are avaible on ZZ.com.ve.

      • I have registered a domain and now I want to connect it with my account on ZZ.com.ve / I want to buy a domain and create an account for it or connect it with the existing account on ZZ.com.ve, how to do it?

        When creating an account enter your domain (which you have registrated before at another domain name registrar’s service).
        Enter our DNS servers in the control panel of your domain name registrar:

        • ns1.zz.com.ve
        • ns2.zz.com.ve

        After DNS servers are updated (it may take some time, but not more that 48 hours usually) your domain will be active and connected with the hosting account.

        If you are registering a domain at ZZ.com.ve (or creating a new hosting account and registering a domain for it at the same time), all the settings will be set up automatically right after the payment is done.

        Both after purchasing a domain and after connecting the domain to the account there is a 48-hours period during which your domain would not be working as it should. This is the time when the information about the changed DNS servers is spreaded around the web. Usually it lasts way shorter than 48 hours, it may last only for a few hours.

      • How to activate an SSL certificate? Can I use it for domains that do not point to zz.com.ve servers?

        To buy an SSL certificate, go to the Domains section in the user panel and click on 'SSL' in front of the proper domain. SSL certificates may be enabled only for domains that point to our servers. You can buy SSL certificate only for one year or more.

        If you have bought an SSL certificate for your domain, SSL certificate will not be active for subdomains. If you need an SSL certificate for your subdomain, you can buy it - just press "SSL" in front of this subdomain in the Domains section in the user panel and follow the instructions. Please note that if you have VIP account, SSL certificates will be free for you.

      • How to make a domain reassignment?

        To reassign a domain registered on our hosting, fill in this Domain Reassignment Form, sign, scan and send to us: {supportMail}. After that all data will be changed on WHOIS and domain will become a property of the new owner.

      • I enter my site’s address in browser, but my site is not displayed!

        Make sure you uploaded the index.html (may also be .php or .htm) file to the main catalog in your FTP. The same applies to any subpage — for example, when you create a link to subpage.html but you forget to upload this file, you will be redirected to 404 error page.

      • My statistics are not displayed, why?

        Most likely, you are checking them the same day you have created an account. Statistics are updated every night at 3 a.m. Please, wait till that time and they will appear.

      • I have a FREE account and I am trying to upload a 15 MB file. I can not do it, what is the reason?

        Maximal size of the file you can upload is 10 MB. If you need to upload bigger files, upgrade to Pro or VIP — for those accounts this limit is increased to 1 GB.

      • Why there is a ZZ.com.ve logo instead of my pictures on the different sites?

        Because it is a hotlink, and this violates the hosting rules. You are allowed to hotlink only if you have Pro or VIP account.

      • After uploading files or after changing configurations of my protected areas a window with login and password request appears and than I get a message: "Authorization Required"

        Most likely, you have downloaded some .htaccess file together with other files and you do not know the right login and password for it. Enter you FTP using a client which allows hidden files to be visible and rename or delete all .htaccess files.

      • I have a problem with mail, what should I do?

        There is no universal solution for this. Please, copy the error message and create a new topic on our forum in "ZZ.com.ve Customer Support" section or describe your problem in already existing topic. You can also create new ticket in Support section in your control panel or write us an email {supportMail}

      • How to configure my mail client so I could receive email from the *@*zz.com.ve address?

        Incoming mail server: mail.zz.com.ve
        Outgoing mail server: mail.zz.com.ve
        SMTP - port 587 - STARTTLS
        IMAP - port 993 - SSL/TLS
        POP3 - port 995 - SSL/TLS
        Authorization: password (PLAIN/LOGIN)
        Login in your email address.

      • I have a Free account and I am using PHP mail() function, but seems like my emails are not being sent, what may be the reason?

        To use PHP mail() function on Free account you need to create a mailbox in the Mail section in the panel and add it as a sender address in the header From.

        • $to = 'nobody@example.com';
        • $subject = 'the subject';
        • $message = 'hello';
        • $headers = 'From: webmaster@happyuser.zz.com.ve';
        • mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

      • I registered a domain in the control panel and now I want to change DNSes and MX records. How to do it?

        In the Domains section in the control panel click "Edit" in front of the domain. In the popup window choose "No hosting" in the field "Attach to the hosting account". Down there will appear fields where you can change DNS and MX records.

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    Page blocking - vademecum

How can I report abuse?

As a hosting provider, Venezuela ZZ.com.ve acts in full compliance with the law. This means that we are concerned that on our side there were no violations of the rules, law or personal property of anyone. There is a notification procedure in case of parties violating any of the above. Each application is checked individually. Applications reliable in the sense of the law are more likely to receive a positive response more quickly.

How do I report a site that violates the rules?

The best way to notify us of violations is to contact us via email: {supportMail}. After receiving your message, depending on the situation, we can block the web page and an account (if we are sure that this page breaks the law), try to contact the owner of the page directly or we can forward your message to the owner and ask he/she to respond you.

Please, include those informations in your message:

  • — URL (ex. somepage.zz.com.ve);
  • — A broad description of the problem (in which way does this web page violate the rule);
  • — Direct link to the content that violets the rules (you can also add a screenshot);
  • — Your name and surname (if you want to remain anonymous, you have to clearly express this in your application, asking us not to share your email address and any other data).

Additional information that increases the credibility of the reports are the applicant's complete personal information given in a written form (may be by email). If there is a victim, it would be the best if he/she could send us application himself/herself.

Why do we refuse blocking pages? What should you do if we refused to block the web page?

The page is immediately blocked when the violation found is clear and obvious. But sometimes there are situations where the case is not clear (for example, the case is not known to us, and the dispute refers to the company against the person who wrote about his unflattering opinion).

In such situations, we do no block the web page and recommend to the injured party to refer the matter to the court. It is the only competent authority that is entitled to solve this kind of issues. As a hosting provider, we do not have a right to decide what may be considered as a violation and what may not. We can not block the page if you are not sure that it deserves to be blocked - otherwise, there is the possibility of victimization client. At the request of the police, the court or the authority authorized to solve this kind of issues site is blocked immediately.

In some cases we can unblock the web page if the violating content has been removed by the owner.